Do you know any symbol of freedom, equality and respect?
The European Union, known before as ‘’European Economic Community’, is a political community founded in the Treaty of Paris in 1951, but we are here to inform you about the European Parliament elections. The first elections were in 1979 and since then they have been celebrated every 5 years and always by direct suffrage. The first President of the European Union was Simone Veil, a French politician and lawyer. We could mention the changing from the first elections to the present time, because initially there were only 9 countries and 180 Euro MP, whereas nowadays there are 28 countries and a total of 754 Euro MP. The European Parliament has 3 headquarters: the main is in Strasbourg (France), but there are also one in Luxembourg and another one in Brussels (Belgium).

The functions of the European Parliament are debating and approving, together with the Council, the laws and the budget of the European Union, ensuring the democratic function of other institutions of the European Union, especially the Commission.

4 out of 10 European citizens voted in 2009, what are you waiting for increase this number? Oh, I know, to the performance of European elections this year from 22th to 25th May!

Of course, you are asking who we are. Well, we are Young Euronews, a team which participates in Euroscola 2014, formed by young students between 15 and 17 years old from La Asunción School from Gijón in Spain and we will inform you about the European Parliament elections in our blog.

Queríamos dar las gracias a Europe Direct por dedicar su tiempo a responder a nuestras preguntas y dudas y a todos los Partidos Políticos con los que hemos tenido la oportunidad de hablar, así mismo a toda la gente que ha hecho de esto posible. Muchas gracias.

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